Organic glass bonding process


here we introduce several common organic glass bonding process, simple analysis of their skills:

the butt
The two block to be butted acrylic panels placed horizontally on the operation platform, closed, and in advance of the tape is affixed to the bottom of a seam until both were closed, leaving a is less than 0.3mm wide gap for adhesive bonding. Syringe with acrylic adhesive from side to slowly and evenly into the slot, until all the filling, to be completely fixed after elimination of the tape.

face bonding
Face bonding is one of the most widely used bonding technology in production of acrylic products, widely used. The first will be a bonding surface wipe clean, can use pure water wipe, but it is best not to use alcohol and other solvent scrubbing, otherwise easily lead to stress cracking. During the bonding of relatively large plate can best use profile, can be fixed by adhesive material, not easy to shift, is beneficial to improve the bonding quality. The thickness of the sheet for the 5mm within the acrylic adhesive can be directly used syringes from side slowly and evenly into the acrylic adhesive, due to capillary action, so that the adhesive flow over the entire was sticky surface, can complete the bonding. A thickness greater than 5mm acrylic adhesive, put a board placed horizontally, in need of adhesion part coated with a bonding agent, and then another one side of the plate into the first vertical angle, is to complete the bonding. If the bonding quality is high, without bonding position of sticky tape, leaving the desired bonding site and coated with a bonding agent, according to the completion of the bonding operation. An adhesive such as curing, and then tear tape. Then the glued surface appear clear and transparent, and the edge without any being eroded traces of adhesive. Only this kind of adhesive tape method to compare a trouble, generally do not use this process.

bevel bonding
We put the two block is a 45 degree angle plate stuck at a 90 degree angle bonding method called bevel bonding. Surface adhesive must use 90 degree angle profile, can prevent the glued surface displacement. In the acrylic adhesive coated note should be uniform, slow. Such bonding surface completely after the firm to go to profile.

planar bonding
Plane bond also called laminated, is a kind of common and special bonding method. The first to be sticky surfaces wipe clean, can use pure water but not for alcohol solvent scrubbing, conditional can eliminate static electricity on the surface of the plate. Level set acrylic sheet, and then coated in injection amount of acrylic adhesive. How much dose according to practical and determined, not too little, too little stream does not complete a plane, but too much will flow everywhere. Erosion without sticking place, affecting the appearance. Then another piece of acrylic board while slowly contact is coated on the adhesive, slowly placed flat, will air from side out and complete bonding. If the operation is a, two block is glued together with acrylic plates can not see any air bubbles and traces, completely transparent, wow. The above outlined some bonding techniques, a fundamental problem is how to completely out of the bubble, the adhesive surface completely transparent, acrylic products exhibit idealized, crystal texture. The other is action to careful, slow. Soft fire makes sweet malt. Carefully experience bonding techniques, continue to practice is to master the perfect bonding the route one must take.

There are still some problems in the following

is adhesively bonded when the need to pay attention to:

acrylic sheet by adhesive erosion are left to clear traces, therefore, can use the method to protect the adhesive labels without sticking to the site.
Grease, dirt or bubble holes will prevent the adhesive evenly and leave the bubble, can use cleaning method to remove.
Excessive amount of use of the adhesive will be sticky surface can not be completely coated slow, or in the adhesive solidifies and shrinks into the air and aesthetic impact.
Direct blowing to stick section edge for adhesive quickly and pale.
Indoor humidity, temperature and so on are acrylic adhesive effect directly.
Acrylic plate surface stress as well as the cutter surface caused by stress and degradation products will affect the acrylic adhesive effect.
Acrylic adhesive bonded to the products in failed until fully cured, from the sun directly long time exposure to acrylic products different yellowing, will seriously affect the appearance of acrylic products.



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