Organic glass production process is what kind of


1, organic glass properties of
( 1)
Organic glass chemical name of poly methylene acid methyl ester, is composed of methyl acrylate polymerization of high molecular compounds.
( 2):
Application Organic glass is widely used, not only in business, industry, architecture, chemical engineering etc.. But organic glass production, in advertising and decorating, sand table model on a wide range of applications, such as: signs, billboards, lamp box panel and the letter panels.
Material depend on the design, what kind of style, what kind of organic glass, color, variety should be repeated examination, so as to achieve the best effect. A good design, do not rely on elaborate manufacture, can become a beautiful crafts.
( 3):
Smooth surface, bright color, the proportion of small, high strength, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, light fastness, good insulation properties, sound insulation is good.
( 4):
shape Be in charge of shapes, bar material, plate material three kinds.
( 5) can be divided into four types.
Colored transparent organic glass: commonly known as color plate. Translucent soft, use it made of light boxes, crafts, makes people feel comfortable and generous. Colored glass: transparent colored, translucent colored, opaque colored three. Magnetic organic glass luster bright as pearl organic glass, brittle, easily broken, suitable for production of dial, boxes, medical equipment and figures, animal modeling material. Transparent organic glass: high transparency, suitable for lamps. It made exquisitely carved, chandelier, crystal clear skies. Translucent organic glass like frosted glass, light and soft, it made handicrafts, makes people feel comfortable and generous. Colorless transparent organic chandelier, exquisitely carved, crystal clear.
Pearl have flexibility glass: is in general organic glass add pearl powder or fluorescent powder into. This kind of organic glass bright color, high surface smoothness, outer form by die pressing, even polishing, still maintain a molded pattern, formed unique artistic effect. It can be used for preparing character, animal modeling, trademark, decorations and exhibition publicity material.
Embossed glass: transparent, translucent and colorless, the brittle, easily broken, suitable for production of.
In 2,
organic glass production method ( 1):
paste method Organic glass cut into a certain shape, in the plane of the paste made.
( 2):
hot pressing method The organic glass sheet after heating, in the mold of hot pressing. The modeling method of handicraft with plump body, the curve is smooth, strong sense of three-dimensional characteristics, with relief effect. Hot pressing die can be made of wood, clay modeling, and then use the cast lead, gypsum material as the female die, organic glass can be heated and pressure molding.
( 3):
the Mosaic Law The different colors of the organic glass blocks cut to be pumped to geometry, in the floor mosaic from. This approach requires splicing tight, edge I let Ming, can receive the color is strong, but the effect of all blend into one harmonious whole.
( 4):
vertical grinding method The rod of organic glass or organic glass plate shape after bonding, directly in the grinding wheel on grinding, polishing and shaping. The production of handicrafts and a sculpture, by the rich and colorful surface shape, which have a style of one's own artistic image.
( 5):
broken grinding method The plate-shaped glass overlapping glued together, and then directly grinding section forming. This method made handicrafts can be varied colour and lustre, rich natural effect.
( 6):
hot bending method Organic glass processing to a certain shape, organic glass heating, direct hand quickly fossa, kneading molding system. Some laws require the prior to the composition of bamboo, agile, make smooth reading. This method made handicrafts with lines and laconic, etc..
The above methods can be used alternately, according to design art requirements, determine the best method.



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