What is organic glass


organic glass is a popular name, from the name, you may not know that it is a kind of what kind of material, also don't know what it is made of the element composition. The transparent polymer materials chemical name of polymethyl methacrylate, is formed by the polymerization of methyl methacrylate by.

1927, Germany Roma Hass company chemist in between two pieces of glass plates acrylate heating, acrylate polymerization reaction, generate sticky rubber like sandwich, used for preventing broken safety glass. When they used the same method of methyl methacrylate polymerization, obtained the transparency is good, other properties are good organic glass plate, it is polymethyl methacrylate.

1931, Rohm Hass company to engage in the production of methyl methacrylate, first in the aircraft industry to get applied, replaced the Celluloid Plastic, used in aircraft cockpit hood and windshield. Organic glass products

if in the production of organic glass with various staining agent, it can polymerize into colored organic glass; if adding a fluorescent agent ( such as zinc sulfide ), it can be polymerized fluorescent organic glass; if adding artificial pearl powder ( such as basic lead carbonate ), can be made of organic glass pearl.

( 1)

organic glass characteristic

high transparency. Organic glass is by far the most excellent polymer transparent material, light transmission rate of 92%, higher than the glass light transmittance. Known as the artificial sun solar lamp tube is a quartz do, this is because the quartz can be completely through the ultraviolet ray. Ordinary glass only through 0.6% UV, but organic glass can through 73%.

mechanical strength. Organic glass relative molecular mass of approximately 2000000, is a long chain polymer, but also by the formation of molecular chain is very soft, therefore, organic glass strength is relatively high, tensile and impact ability than ordinary glass tall 7 ~18 times. There is a heated and stretched over the organic glass, wherein the molecular chain segment are arranged very orderly, make the toughness of the material are improved obviously. Nail into the organic glass, even penetrating nails, organic glass does not crack. The organic glass bullet breakdown does not break into pieces. Therefore, stretch processing organic glass can be used as a bulletproof glass, also used on military aircraft cockpit cover.

The light weight

. Organic glass density is 1.18kg/dm3, the same size as the material, its weight is only half of ordinary glass, metal aluminum ( belonging to the light metal ) 43%.

④easy processing. Organic glass can be used not only for cutting lathe, drilling machine for drilling, but also with acetone, chloroform and bonded into various shapes of apparatus, can also be used for blow molding, injection molding, extrusion, plastic manufacturing process to the aircraft canopy, small teeth and dental care, the products of every hue.

( 2) usage of organic glass

organic glass has more excellent performance, so its use is very extensive. In addition to the aircraft used on the canopy, windshield chords out of the window, is also used as the jeep windshield and window, the construction of large roof ( can prevent broken ), television and radar screen, instruments and equipment protection cover, telecommunications instruments shell, telescope and camera optical lens.

is made of organic glass with a superb collection of beautiful things of daily necessities, such as pearl made of organic glass buttons, all kinds of toys, lamps are because of the colored organic glass decorative effects, and very beautiful.

organic glass in medicine and a good use, it is manufacturing artificial cornea. If the eye clear cornea covered with an opaque substance, light can not enter the eye. This is the whole cornea disease caused by blindness, but this disease can not be treated with drugs.

so, medical scientist conceived using artificial cornea covered with white instead of the cornea. The so-called artificial cornea, is the use of a transparent material made of a diameter of only a few mm lens column, and then in the cornea of a human eye to drill a small hole, the mirror column fixed on the cornea, light passing through the lens column into the eye, eye can see light.

in early 1771, a doctor working in the Department of ophthalmology with optical glass mirror column, implantation cornea, but did not succeed. Later, with the crystal instead of optical glass, only half a year on the failure. In the Second World War, some aircraft, aircraft with organic glass cockpit cover is blown, the pilot's eyes are embedded in the organic glass fragments. After many years later, although these fragments are not removed, but not further cause eye inflammation or other adverse reactions. This accident happened organic glass and human tissues have good compatibility. At the same time also inspired the doctor working in the Department of Ophthalmology, can be made of organic glass artificial cornea, its good light transmission, stable chemical property, to human body non-toxic, easily machined into the desired shape, and eye long-term compatibility. Now, with the organic glass artificial cornea has been widely used in clinical.



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